Centring Span

e are Best Centering Span Manufacturer. The core business of the company is primarily the manufacture of a wide variety of Centering Span and sell from most of the reputed companies throughout India. If you are ready to buy Centering Span so we are interested to sell Centering Span.
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Telescopic Span Manufacturers

We are A1 iron Industry One of the high quality telescopic span manufacturers in TELENGANA and ANDRA PRADESH is none other than the Uniscaff engineers. Our quality product telescopic span can be adjustable and it can be utilized in any types of construction needs. In our company, we use only high quality raw materials to manufacture telescopic span products keeping our customers protection in mind. You can buy telescopic span for most reasonable price.

Quality Material

As foremost telescopic span manufacturers in Chennai, we use only quality materials to produce all our products. We appear for client satisfaction and become a famous manufacturer of telescopic span.


What can be perfect way to turn out to be number one telescopic span manufacturers in Chennai? Well, via affording what our valued customers have been appearing for the whole time. We provide the good quality telescopic span with these following features

  • Ideal for renovating and construction of buildings
  • High strength and higher finish
  • Resilient as they are corrosion resistant
  • Built with high quality raw material and highest perfection

We are the ideal manufacturer of telescopic span which are high demand in market. Manufactured under the latest industrial standards and norms, these holds of an outer and inner member of different lengths and are provided in different sizes based on customer needs